Recruiting FAQ

  • Are there any university majors or departments which are more advantageous for being selected?

    Some departments, such as the vessel management and accounting and finance departments, require relevant basic knowledge, however, we do not limit or base selections on university majors or departments since the marine transport business requires a broad range of knowledge and experience and a large part of the business is learned through practical work experience.

  • Are PC skills or experience required?

    No specialist computer skills or knowledge are necessary. However, after joining the company, you will be required to develop a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. in order to carry out your daily work.

  • Are language skills required?

    By its very its nature, marine transport work includes many occasions on which English is used for negotiations with people in foreign countries. However, when deciding on applications, we prioritize applicants’ “ways of thinking” and “ability to think logically to solve problems”. We therefore, do not judge applicants based only on their language skills. Although every department requires some knowledge of English, the general level of English acquired through a university education is sufficient for most cases. We expect new hires to be enthusiastic and positive about learning after joining the company. In addition, the company also offers a variety of language training programs for employees as part of our personnel training programs.

  • How are new employees’ assignments and work locations decided?

    New employees are assigned to suitable departments and positions based on the company’s personnel training plans, policy and other factors, with consideration also given to the individual’s own preferences, aptitude, and capabilities. As such, there are no guarantees that all employees will be assigned to the departments, positions, or work places they desire. In principle, new graduate hires are assigned to the head office. Mid-career employees are generally assigned to the head office or Tokyo branch. However, even employees assigned to the Tokyo branch still have a 2 week training course at the head office.

  • Do you offer company housing and dormitories for single employees?

    The head office and Tokyo branch have company housing and dormitories.

  • Is overtime and holiday work required?

    Overtime and holiday works may sometimes be required as we have vessels operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Please provide information about overseas business trips and overseas assignments.

    Our company is engaged in allocation of vessels overseas and also has overseas offices and affiliate companies, so there is a chance of overseas business trips and/or being assigned to overseas services. Some employees may be assigned overseas based on their individual preferences and capabilities.