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Recruiting Q&A

  • Will certain major fields in university faculties or departments be advantageous in selection?

    Some of our departments (such as the vessel management and accounting and finance) require the relevant basic knowledge. However, we do not specify the applicants’ specialization since a broad range of knowledge and experience is required in transportation business and you can learn them through actual practices.

  • Should we have PC skills or experience?

    It is not necessary to have any professional computer-related skills or experience. After you join our company, however, you will be required to acquire basic knowledge in Word, Excel, etc. at least, necessary for your daily work.

  • Is great importance given to applicants’ language skills in recruiting?

    Staff engaged in overseas shipping business has many opportunities to use English for negotiations with persons in charge or customers in foreign countries. We, however, place importance on applicants’ “ways of thinking” and “logical thinking ability to solve problems” in recruiting. Therefore, we do not judge applicants based only on their language skills. Although every department requires some knowledge of English, general knowledge of English acquired through a university education will be enough. We expect new comers to learn English with enthusiasm and a strong will after joining our company. We also support employees’ language learning by offering them various courses to learn foreign languages as part of human resource development.

  • How are locations of new employees’ assignment decided and how are they assigned with particular work?

    Those newly employed will be assigned to the departments suitable for them, considering their wishes, aptitude, and ability as well as the human resource development program and policy of our company. So there is no guarantee that they are all assigned to the departments and places of work they hope to be assigned to.
    Employees directly out of school will be assigned to the head office in principle. And mid-career employees will be assigned to the head office or Tokyo branch office. Employees who will be assigned to the Tokyo branch office need to go through a 2-week training at the head office.

  • Is your company recruiting clerical workers?

    We are sorry that we are not going to recruit clerical workers this year.

  • Does your company have company houses and dormitories for unmarried employees?

    The head office and Tokyo branch have them.

  • Do some jobs involve overtime and working on holidays?

    As we have a lot of vessels running 24 hours a day, every day, sometimes we are required to work overtime or on holidays.

  • Please tell us about overseas business trips and overseas assignments at your company.

    Our company, engaged in allocation of vessels overseas in close cooperation with our overseas offices and affiliated companies, provides a lot of opportunities for our employees to make business trips abroad and to be transferred to overseas services. According to their own wishes and ability, some employees will be assigned to our overseas offices.

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