Realizing the new potential of SHIPs.Realizing the new potential of SHIPs.

Shipping with the Blue EarthShipping with the Blue Earth

In our pursuit of new potential of the ships, which are the very core of a shipping business, we have established a mission for ourselves using four keywords each starting with one letter from the word “SHIP” as we work towards the realization of a better society every day.

Support a sustainable society
through shipping.
Harmonize and balance profits and
environmental conservation and
pursue environmental performance
Integrate diverse viewpoint
to create customer value.
Proactively move forward
without fear of failure.

  • Container Liner Service

    From local Japan ports to China and then the world
    Container Liner Service

  • Chartering Service

    Supporting the shipping of global resources as a ship owner
    Chartering Service

  • Ship Management Service

    Providing office-based and on-site support for ensuring safe ship operation
    Ship Management Service

  • Tug Boat Service

    Supporting ship operation for a variety of scenarios
    Tug Boat Service

  • Logistics

    Cargo transport professionals who support Fukuyama’s logistics and distribution

  • Other Services

    We also operate a wide variety of other services
    Other Services

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