International marine transportation is an essential part of the global economy and is also the means by which KAMBARA KISEN Co., Ltd. contributes to the expansion of that global economy in order to improve the convenience and quality of people’s lives.
Going forward, we will continue to work towards regional vitalization and economic growth and to be an indispensable presence for all stakeholders by satisfying diverse customer needs.

The marine transport industry has also experienced a rapid acceleration in the shift towards decarbonization, and KAMBARA KISEN Co., Ltd. is strengthening initiatives which will allow us to continually carry out “EARTH-FRIENDLY” business.
We are investing in next-generation, environmentally friendly ships and new businesses in order to lessen environmental burden, while also continually working to improve our services and provide even more stable and reliable transport services.

In addition, in 2021 we established our new company vision: “Realizing the new potential of SHIPs. ~Shipping with the Blue Earth ~” and we have also established a mission for ourselves using four keywords each starting with one letter from the word “SHIP” (“Sustainable”, “Harmonized”, “Integrative”, and “Proactive”) in order to continue meet the expectations of our customers and society as a whole going forward.

We are sincerely grateful for widespread support we have received since our founding in 1903.
KAMBARA KISEN Co., Ltd. will continue to grow together with our employees and communities and will always ensure that we fulfill our social responsibility so that we are able to successfully meet the expectations placed upon us.

KAMBARA KISEN Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Hirotatsu Kambara