Employment of Kambara-Marine

Business Introduction of Kambara Marine

Since its establishment as a seafarers agent in 1978, our seafarers with a wealth of experience have been active at the forefront of shipping industry, both domestically and internationally.In 2011, we acquired a seafarer dispatching business license, and mainly dispatching Navigation officers and Engineers to ocean-going ships owned by Kambara Kisen Co., Ltd., and also supervise new building ship project by group companies and repair ship at the dockyard.For during about 8 months at sea services, they onboarding with crew members of various nationalities on a wide variety of ship types, including.They also responsible for ship quality, safety, and process management as a supervisor, and we support global maritime transportation from shore.There have an opportunity to onboarding own supervised ship.

Application Guidelines

Business hours
Daily average : 8 hours
Employment status
Full-time employee
Open positions
Ocean-going ships (car carriers, bulk carriers, tankers) engineer, construction supervisor, marine engineering supervisor
Starting salary
Basic salary (monthly conversion / average number of working days per month) ¥207,365 yen to ¥219,585 yen
Shared allowance: ¥108,000 yen Voyage allowance: ¥44,550 yen Overtime allowance: ¥93,314 yen
Pay raises
Once per year (April)
4.7 months per year (2022 results)
10 days/month 121 days a year (including 37 days of paid vacation)
Health and welfare benefits
System/Seamen’s Insurance, Welfare Pension, Employment Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Mutual Aid for Retirement Allowance (more than 3 years of service)
Facilities/dormitory/company housing, uniform rental, congratulatory/condolence money, recreation expenses (when boarding)
In-house training
Safety and health education, pre-boarding lectures, onboard training: • Various skill training sponsored by SECOJ and Maritime College • You can also participate in various trainings sponsored by the Tsuneishi Group, such as training by department and online training system.
Selection method
Please apply from entry form.
Documents to be submitted
Curriculum Vitae, CV

Contact Us
Maritime Department
1083 Tsuneishi, Numakuma Town, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
TEL: 084-987-2616


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