Health and welfare benefits

Dormitories for single employees

Aonagi dormitory

Dormitory fees
¥5,500 per month (utilities and food expenses not included)
Facilities and equipment
All rooms are individual rooms and have air conditioning
Shared spaces:
1F: Lounge, dining room, terrace, multi-purpose room, study space, leisure space, training room, large bath; 2F–6F: Shared LDK, laundry room, guest room (2F only)
Dormitory facilities and equipment:
Room area 18.4 m2, balcony 1.5 × 3.0 m; 2F–5F: Unit shower + toilet + sink; 6F: Unit bath (with toilet and sink built-in);
Common: Air conditioner, lighting, curtains, closet, desk, chair, bed, shoe storage
Management features:
Entrance and exit management system, surveillance cameras, delivery lockers, dorm room interphones, elevator, meter read-based utilities (electricity, water supply, warm water supply)
* Newly constructed in March 2017

Company housing

Seto-no-Mori Housing

Seto-no-Mori Housing is a group of 13 houses for 26 households featuring stainless-steel mirror surface finished roofs and exterior walls, which create a variety of different appearances for the exterior depending on the time of day and weather, and thereby allowing the company housing to give the area a brighter and more cheer feeling.

Seto Terrace

Seto Terrace is a housing complex for 38 households. It has an eye-catching appearance like a ship awaiting its launching ceremony. This company housing is designed to be attractive to young people and based on a concept of being a place where locals can gather and contribute to the region.


¥6,000 per month (Separate sanitation fee of ¥1,600 per month required)
¥8,000 per month (Separate sanitation fee of ¥1,600 per month required)
(newly built in April 2013) ¥29,500 per month (Including common service fees and parking fees for 1 car per month)

Insurance Systems

Health insurance, employees’ pension, employment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance

Mutual aid association facilities


Club Activities

Club activities are promoted for the purposes of improving employee aesthetic sensitivity and physical condition through cultural and physical activities. Club members are enthusiastic about activities using after-work hours and spare time to participate.

  1. Tsuneishi Marine Club
  2. Regulation-ball Tennis Club
  3. Flower Arrangement Club
  4. Soccer Club
  5. Easy Listening Music Club
  6. Ski Club
  7. Japanese-style Baseball Club
  8. Go Club
  9. Softball Club
  10. Basketball Club
  11. Shuttle Trampoline Club
  12. Futsal Club